10 Hardest Shots

As a spectator, these golfers look like they have some magic in their strokes. Different courses have different types of hazards that increases the course’s difficulty. A hazard may be of two types: water hazards and man-made hazards (ex: bunkers).

Golf Swing Basics For Beginners

Learn the basics of golf with this helpful video. The instructor talks about proper hand placement, proper posture, and proper distance of your body to the ball depending on which club you’re using.

The Craziest Golf Hole in The World

Located in South Africa, the Extreme 19th is probably the craziest golf hole in the world.

Accessible only by helicopter, with the tee set 400m up on the majestic Hanglip Mountain and played to a green the shape of Africa some 400m below, the Extreme 19th has captured the imagination like no other hole. (source)